poss N

The 'opinion' group

These nouns refer to a particular opinion or idea. With many of these nouns, the noun is usually or sometimes followed by a prepositional phrase.
'My aim is to find the right balance,' she explains.
He'd actually made contact about two years before, writing to me about all his hopes and fears.
First of all, my impression of the debate last night was that the president did much better than he has in other encounters.
What's your opinion of him?
When I came back to check, he was engrossed in a section explaining Einstein's Theory of Relativity.
  • agenda
  • aim
  • aspiration
  • assumption
  • belief
  • contention
  • dream
  • estimate
  • estimation
  • fear
  • feeling
  • finding (usu plural)
  • game plan
  • hope
  • identity
  • impression
  • instinct
  • motivation
  • object
  • objective
  • opinion
  • perception
  • policy
  • position
  • preconception
  • purpose
  • reaction
  • self-image
  • sentiment
  • take
  • tenet
  • theory
  • thinking
  • thoughts
  • understanding
  • verdict
  • view
  • will
  • wish
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