poss N

The 'stupidity' group

These nouns refer to qualities or characteristics. This is a productive use.
Whether or not one believes he is right, he should be applauded for his integrity.
Despite its popularity in countries like Australia, ostrich is rarely on the menu in Europe.
I pray that my wife will forgive me for my stupidity.
Her tendency to denigrate herself and to idealize those to whom she becomes attached further clouds her judgment.
  • absent-mindedness
  • affinity
  • allure
  • antiquity
  • appeal
  • beauty
  • bluntness
  • brilliance
  • desirability
  • distinctiveness
  • divinity
  • efficacy
  • efficiency
  • evasiveness
  • fame
  • frankness
  • grandeur
  • gullibility
  • honesty
  • humanity
  • importance
  • indecisiveness
  • inflexibility
  • integrity
  • intensity
  • intransigence
  • Jewishness
  • magic
  • magnetism
  • manliness
  • mystique
  • nearness
  • paleness
  • poise
  • popularity
  • potency
  • predisposition
  • rarity
  • relevance
  • significance
  • simplicity
  • size
  • stupidity
  • suitability
  • supremacy
  • tendency
  • tolerance
  • unfamiliarity
  • unpopularity
  • unpredictability
  • utility
  • virtuosity
  • waywardness
  • weight
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