poss N

The 'debut' and 'demise' group

These nouns refer to events or points in someone's life or in the history of something, especially a beginning, end, or change. With some of these nouns, the noun is usually or sometimes followed by a prepositional phrase.
It's my birthday today.
Miss Harwood made her debut in 1960 in a Glyndebourne production of Mozart's 'The Magic Flute.'
In just over a hundred pages Bertil Lintner takes us through the history of the party from its founding in 1939 to its demise exactly fifty years later.
He says he has not allowed himself to be bitter over his departure from the company.
'I was between the ages of 11 and 13 when the space programme was at its height,' Hanks said.
The return of the Conservatives to office in 1951 was the true start of Sir Alec's rise to power.
  • accession
  • anniversary
  • apogee
  • apotheosis
  • arrival
  • ascension
  • ascent
  • birth
  • birthday
  • comeuppance
  • coming of age
  • death
  • debut
  • decline
  • demise
  • departure
  • descent
  • disappearance
  • doom
  • downfall
  • end
  • fall
  • fate
  • genesis
  • graduation
  • growth
  • height
  • inception
  • majority
  • nadir
  • nuptials
  • ordeal
  • passage
  • passing
  • peak
  • reappearance
  • rise
  • silver wedding
  • success
  • wedding
  • zenith
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