the N be that

Nouns with other meanings

There are a number of other nouns which have this pattern. All of them are abstract nouns which need the sort of definition or expansion that is provided by the that-clause.
The advantage is that you can use the machine as an ordinary TV set, with a remote control, or as a PC.
The evidence is that people can function perfectly well with one kidney and there are no long-term problems.
The fact is that the best managers do not work for money but for a sense of achievement.
The point is that we have a much more just society in this country than many other places.
The reality is that government spending has risen in real terms by 35 per cent in the last decade.
I once met a man who never watched television. The reason was that he worked from 4pm to midnight, and slept till ten.
Despite some differences, the signs are that full diplomatic ties could be restored between the two countries.
The thing is that blaming anyone for what has happened doesn't really help.
  • advantage
  • alternative
  • deal
  • difference
  • evidence
  • fact
  • implication
  • indications
  • issue
  • key
  • plan
  • point
  • position
  • reality
  • reason
  • secret
  • signs
  • situation
  • system
  • thing
  • tradition
  • truth
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