the N

The 'public' group

These nouns refer to a group of people.
Santa Rosa lay along the enemy's main line of attack.
But by lap six he had worked his way to the front and quickly pulled away from the rest of the field.
The intelligentsia has enthusiastically supported the restructuring.
Resorts such as Cannes, Palm Beach and Le Touquet are frequented by the jet set.
He appeals to the middle classes - because he's one of them.
If those kids are in some sort of trouble, it's a crying shame, but the public has a right to know about it.
'My impression is that Soorley is very popular among the rank and file,' he said.
  • ancients
  • antis
  • ayes
  • bourgeoisie
  • centre
  • chattering classes
  • cloth
  • community
  • competition
  • country
  • crème de la crème
  • defence
  • diaspora
  • dramatis personae
  • enemy
  • fair sex
  • field
  • floor
  • gang
  • general public
  • glitterati
  • hard left
  • hard right
  • herd
  • hoi polloi
  • house
  • human race
  • intelligentsia
  • jet set
  • lads
  • left
  • left-wing
  • locals
  • lunatic fringe
  • mafia
  • masses
  • meeting
  • middle class
  • mob
  • monarchy
  • moral majority
  • multitude
  • nobility
  • noes
  • nomenklatura
  • opposite sex
  • opposition
  • palace
  • peasantry
  • peerage
  • people
  • petit bourgeoisie
  • populace
  • press
  • press corps
  • priesthood
  • proletariat
  • prosecution
  • public
  • rabble
  • rank and file
  • ranks
  • rearguard
  • resistance
  • right
  • right-wing
  • royals
  • underground
  • upper class
  • vanguard
  • working class
  • world
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