there v-link something/anything/nothing ADJ about n/-ing

The 'unsatisfactory' group

These adjectives indicate that someone or something is bad in some way.
While it is comforting to think that so many can agree about so much, there is something dangerous about such conformity of opinion.
There was something eerie about the silence, a man-made silence of abandoned courtyards and cool grey stone.
There was nothing malicious about anything he did.
I felt uneasy. There was something sinister about him.
The preposition about is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
There was something horrible about coming home to find everything all over the place.
The preposition about is sometimes followed by a noun group and an '-ing' clause. This pattern is there v-link something/nothing/anything ADJ about n -ing.
When you watch American politics there's something terminally sad about middle-aged people waving flags.
  • absurd
  • artificial
  • awful
  • bad
  • bogus
  • crazy
  • creepy
  • dangerous
  • distasteful
  • dubious
  • dull
  • eerie
  • elitist
  • fishy
  • flashy
  • furtive
  • horrible
  • impersonal
  • improper
  • inappropriate
  • malicious
  • manipulative
  • nasty
  • obscene
  • ominous
  • outrageous
  • pathetic
  • pernicious
  • phoney
  • puritanical
  • sad
  • shameful
  • sick
  • silly
  • sinister
  • superficial
  • suspicious
  • tacky
  • trivial
  • unconvincing
  • underhand
  • unpleasant
  • unsatisfactory
  • untoward
  • weak
  • wrong
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