V n from n

The 'demand' and 'get' group

These verbs are concerned with acquiring something from someone or somewhere. This includes:
    taking something away from its owner e.g. confiscate
    asking someone for something e.g. demand
    trying to get something from someone or something e.g. coax
    getting information from someone or from somewhere e.g. glean
Police confiscated footage from television crews and prevented photographers and reporters from approaching the house.
Italian judges and lawyers staged a one-day national strike to demand more support from the government in the fight against crime.
It would be dangerous to draw too many conclusions from the statistics his staff compiled.
Angina can occur as the heart finds it difficult to extract enough oxygen from the blood it receives.
You can get more information from the council's website or by telephoning this number.
In addition, married couples can inherit assets from each other without having to pay inheritance tax.
He then claimed that the car was stolen from him, but information was received that he had taken the car to France to sell it.
They took comfort from the familiar words of the prayer.
The preposition from is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
There are plenty of people in this world who get pleasure from hurting other people.
In the case of learn, the noun group following the verb is often an amount.This pattern is V amount from n.
Well, my father is a carpenter. I learned a lot from him.
  • acquire
  • borrow
  • cadge
  • charm
  • choose
  • coax
  • collect
  • confiscate
  • conjure
  • copy
  • crib
  • cull
  • deduce
  • demand
  • derive
  • distil
  • draw
  • exact
  • excerpt (usu passive)
  • extort
  • extract
  • extrapolate
  • gain
  • get
  • glean
  • hustle
  • infer
  • inherit
  • learn
  • make
  • milk
  • plunder
  • poach
  • propagate
  • pump
  • salvage
  • seek
  • select
  • solicit
  • steal
  • take
  • wheedle
  • wrest
  • wring
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