V n from n

The 'remove' group

These verbs are concerned with removing someone or something from somewhere, either physically or metaphorically. We include here verbs like deduct and subtract, which are concerned with taking something away from a total.
He was deported from Britain after serving part of a 12-year prison sentence.
He's in a critical but stable condition after having surgery to remove a blood clot from the brain.
The proper way to measure the real interest rate is to subtract expected inflation from the nominal interest rate.
He stood up and lifted his hand to wipe the rain and the sweat from his brow.
In the case of absent, the noun group following the verb is always a reflexive pronoun. This pattern is V pron-refl from n. The phrasal verb tear away often has the pattern V pron-refl P from n.
He absented himself from the conference debate to visit a local building society.
With a great wrench, he tore himself away from everything that he held most dear.
In the case of clip, cut, deduct, and subtract, the noun group following the verb is always or often an amount. This pattern is V amount from n.
If you order three items, you can deduct £15 from the total.
  • absent
  • abstract
  • avert
  • banish
  • chase
  • clear
  • clip
  • crop
  • cut
  • deduct
  • deport (usu passive)
  • dislodge
  • dismiss
  • disqualify
  • distract
  • divert
  • drain
  • eject
  • eliminate
  • erase
  • evict
  • excise
  • exclude
  • exile
  • expunge
  • extract
  • extradite (usu passive)
  • flick
  • hound (usu passive)
  • mop
  • pare
  • peel
  • pluck
  • prize
  • pull
  • purge
  • remove
  • roust
  • shave
  • skim
  • squeeze
  • strike
  • subtract
  • take
  • unload
  • wipe
  • withdraw
  • strip away
  • take away
  • tear away
  • turn out
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