V n from n

The 'transfer' group

These verbs are concerned with moving someone or something from one place to another. We include here verbs concerned with transferring someone from one job or level to another.
Its broadcasts will be relayed from a transmitter in the Taiwan port of Keelung.
The bank agreed to honour a payment I was to make to my son by transferring funds from my deposit account to cover it.
  • divert
  • forward
  • move
  • pass (usu passive)
  • promote (usu passive)
  • relay
  • transfer
  • transplant
  • transpose
  • All the verbs in this group usually have the pattern V n from n to n or the pattern V n from n into n. The verb is followed by two prepositional phrases, the first beginning with from and the second beginning with to or into. The passive pattern is be V-ed from n to/into n.
    David has worked in our kitchen since October 2012, and has now been promoted from sous chef to head chef.
    We can arrange for your bank to transfer funds from your account into the trust account each month.

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