V n from n

The 'stop' group

These verbs are concerned with stopping something from doing something. This includes:
    trying to stop someone from doing something
    prohibiting someone from a place or activity
The preposition from is usually followed by an '-ing' clause rather than a noun group.
She has been under house arrest for nearly a year and is banned from the elections.
Reports allege that the airport ground crew tried to dissuade the pilot from taking off, fearing problems with the left hand engine.
Senate ethics rules prohibit a senator from taking contributions from someone he knows is trying to obtain his influence.
Always when things are dull, something new turns up to challenge us and to stop us from settling into a rut.
  • ban (usu passive)
  • bar (usu passive)
  • debar (usu passive)
  • deter
  • discourage
  • dissuade
  • enjoin
  • inhibit
  • keep
  • preclude
  • prevent
  • prohibit
  • proscribe
  • restrain
  • restrict
  • stop
  • warn away
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