V n on n

The 'carve' group

These verbs are concerned with writing something somewhere, or with etching or carving something onto a surface. In the case of carve, engrave, etch, impress and imprint, the process is metaphorical - someone impresses something on someone's mind.
He will say your name as often as he can, thus engraving it on his memory.
I wish to thank my friend Theresa King who encouraged me to develop my ideas and put them down on paper.
The preposition is sometimes upon instead of on.
His rune was carved or scratched upon warriors' swords to bring them luck in battle.
In the case of impress, the noun group following the verb is often a reflexive pronoun. This pattern is V pron-refl on n.
Details in the room were beginning to impress themselves on his mind.
  • carve
  • engrave
  • etch (usu passive)
  • impress
  • imprint (usu passive)
  • inscribe
  • print
  • scratch
  • superimpose (usu passive)
  • write
  • put down
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