V n on n

The 'place' group

These verbs are concerned with putting or fastening something somewhere, either physically or metaphorically. This includes:
    concrete actions e.g. perch, sprinkle
    abstract actions e.g. cast (doubt), throw (light)
    putting a value or a tax on something
The top nature photographer explains how to capture iridescent peacock plumes on film.
The figures also cast doubt on reports that foreign nationals were heavily involved in the disturbances.
The taxes are levied on energy irrespective of the polluting potential of the technology and fuel used to generate that energy.
As they all piled in, Kai Lee perched herself on the driver's seat. She could just reach the pedals.
A leaked email that was posted on Twitter has sparked a debate over unpaid internships.
We hope to put a report up on the website shortly and also make notes from the day available to members.
The fact that people are willing to pay to reduce risks shows that they set an implicit value on human life.
Maybe the Government should slap a big tax on imports so that the British manufacturing sector could be revived?
The preposition is sometimes upon instead of on.
The Prime Minister placed great weight upon the American role in the Atlantic community.
In the case of cast, place, put, and throw, the preposition on is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause or a wh-clause.
The prosecutors want to cast doubt on whether Smith has a good character.
He said 'I have placed particular emphasis on establishing a good rapport and effective dialogue with British industry.'
  • capture
  • cast
  • centre
  • clip
  • cram
  • impale
  • levy
  • load
  • mount
  • perch
  • place
  • plunk
  • post
  • prop
  • put
  • set
  • slap
  • sprinkle (usu passive)
  • throw
  • put up
  • throw back (usu passive)
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