V n to n

III.6 The 'banish' group

These verbs are concerned with sending or taking someone or something to a place. We include here verbs concerned with allowing someone to enter a place or organisation.
The US Navy owns most of the island, and has banished the inhabitants to a narrow central strip.
When a reporter asked me how to find a cheap airfare to Boston, I ended up directing him to a cut-rate travel agent in San Bruno.
A cameraman was plucked to safety yesterday after being trapped for two days inside an active volcano.
Suspicious lumps are hard, distinct and often painless, and if you have one of these, you should be referred to a specialist breast clinic.
He borrowed heavily to send his three sons to the best schools and lived well beyond his means.
  • admit
  • assign (usu passive)
  • banish
  • bring (usu passive)
  • commit (usu passive)
  • confine
  • consign
  • deport
  • direct
  • extradite (usu passive)
  • pluck (usu passive)
  • refer
  • relegate
  • restrict
  • send
  • transfer
  • transplant
  • bundle off
  • pack off
  • take out
  • Many of the verbs in this group also have the pattern V n from n to n. The verb is followed by a noun group and two prepositional phrases, the first beginning with from, and the second beginning with to. The first prepositional phrase indicates the original location of the person or thing, and the second indicates where he, she, or it is sent or moved to. The passive pattern is be V-ed from n to n.
    Twelve of the member countries in the league decided to transfer the organisation's headquarters from Tunisia to Cairo.
    I helped the nurses transfer Isabella from intensive care to a medical ward.

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