V on n

Structure I: Verbs in phase

V on -ing
 Verb groupon-ing
The doginsistedoncomingwith me into the room.
There are only two verbs with this structure. The verb embark indicates that someone starts doing something, and the verb insist indicates that someone does something even though this is not wanted or not reasonable. These verbs are sometimes followed by upon instead of on.
If we win the elections, we will not embark on reforming the constitution before the presidential elections.
She insisted on giving Nina her telephone number, just in case.
We tried our best, but he insisted upon leaving.
  • embark
  • insist
  • When the preposition on (or upon) is followed by a noun group, these verbs have Structure II (see meaning groups II.26 and II.27).

    Structure information: Verbs in phase

    The verb is followed by the preposition on and the '-ing'form of another verb. The verbs are in phase, and together form a complex verb group. This means that the actions or states expressed by the two verbs cannot be separated from each other. For example, if you insist on wearing something, the insisting and the wearing are not two processes, but one.The complex verb group is followed by a group, phrase, or clause which completes the pattern of the second verb. In the structure table above, this is called a Completive. For example, if the second verb is normally followed by a noun group, then the Completive of the complex verb group will be a noun group. This structure has no passive.

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