V out of n

Structure III: Verb with Adjunct

V out of n
 Verb groupout ofnoun group
Hehad to bailout ofthe aircraft.
Everyonepiledout ofthe car.
Verbs with this structure all indicate that someone or something comes out of or leaves a place or thing.
On the same day a former police chief broke out of prison and took over police headquarters.
He checked out of his hotel room at nine this morning.
However, reports of unrest have continued to filter out of the capital.
'If we ever move out of this house, we'll sell everything with it,' he resolves.
  • bail
  • belch
  • break
  • check
  • clear
  • clock
  • condense
  • filter
  • get
  • go
  • move
  • pile
  • poke
  • pull
  • Structure information: Verb with Adjunct

    The prepositional phrase is an Adjunct. This structure has no passive.

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