V way prep/adv

The 'make' group

These verbs, when used with way, are concerned with managing to get somewhere, either physically or metaphorically. The verbs in this group which most frequently have this pattern are find and make.
Most polymers find their way into the electrical or electronic industries as insulators.
A glass of whisky should be making its way over from the bar any minute.
Let the lad go. Let him take what food we've got left and try to make his way home.
Young artists must pave their way to art by drawing pictures for magazine stories that young authors write to pave their way to literature.
It was not long before they could no longer see their way out of what they had started.
  • find
  • make
  • move
  • pave
  • ply
  • pursue
  • retrace
  • see
  • smell
  • sniff
  • trace
  • wend
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