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Using different types of pronoun together - Easy Learning Grammar French

  • Sometimes you find a direct object pronoun and an indirect object pronoun in the same sentence.
  • He gave me (indirect object) them (direct object).
  • He gave them (direct object) to me (indirect object).
  • When this happens in French, you have to put the indirect and direct object pronouns in a certain order.
Dominique vous l’envoie demain.Dominique’s sending it to you tomorrow.
Il te les a montrés?Has he shown them to you?
Je les lui ai lus.I read them to him/her.
Ne la leur donne pas.Don’t give it to them.
Elle ne m’en a pas parlé.She didn’t speak to me about it.
Key points
  • If a direct and an indirect object pronoun are used in the same sentence, you usually put the indirect object pronoun before the direct object pronoun.
  • With lui and leur, this order is reversed and you put the direct object pronoun before the indirect object pronoun.

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