Grammar Patterns

ADJ at n

The 'nervous' group

These adjectives indicate that someone reacts to a situation or to an idea in some way, for example, by being surprised, happy, or unhappy.
Half the people in the dining-room were staring at them, delightfully amused at this public quarrel between this apparently devoted couple.
Some people looked quite horrified at the idea of reading a new book.
He professed himself nervous at the prospect of making a speech in honour of Frank.
Hearing divorced people talk, I am sad at the overwhelming bitterness of their words.
The preposition at is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
She felt guilty at having been spared when so many others were dying.
'I was not very happy at being referred to as a toad.'
Bernard was unhappy at having to have his picture taken.
  • aghast
  • agog
  • alarmed
  • amused
  • anxious
  • appalled
  • ashamed
  • astonished
  • astounded
  • bemused
  • bitter
  • disappointed
  • disgusted
  • dismayed
  • displeased
  • distraught
  • guilty
  • gutted
  • happy
  • heartbroken
  • horrified
  • hysterical
  • impatient
  • jubilant
  • nervous
  • overjoyed
  • perturbed
  • pleased
  • puzzled
  • sad
  • sick
  • surprised
  • thrilled
  • uneasy
  • unhappy
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