Grammar Patterns

ADJ of n

The 'indicative' group

These adjectives indicate that something shows what something is like, or reminds you of something.
Sudden swings in blood sugar are characteristic of this type of diabetes.
Selecting a work of art to be iconic of an era is always going to be problematic.
The room is reminiscent of a bank vault.
Its gloomy spaces are suggestive of a closed world bounded by a strict order.
But the poor sales are symptomatic of a deeper malaise.
In the case of indicative, symbolic, symptomatic, and typical, the preposition of is sometimes followed by a wh-clause.
Often physical appearance is indicative of how a person feels about themself.
  • characteristic
  • descriptive
  • emblematic
  • evocative
  • expressive
  • iconic
  • illustrative
  • indicative
  • redolent
  • reflective
  • reminiscent
  • representative
  • suggestive
  • symbolic
  • symptomatic
  • typical
  • uncharacteristic
  • unrepresentative
  • untypical
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