Grammar Patterns

at N

The 'top' group

These nouns are used to indicate position.
In bad weather a pilot will normally have to decide at an altitude of 200ft whether it is safe to land.
Hold the pan at an angle so that the egg spreads out in a thin film across the bottom.
There is another door at the back.
I've never heard of anyone escaping from a submarine at a depth greater than that.
The wine waiter was hovering at his elbow.
Keep a supply of liquid close at hand so that you can keep drinking it.
You will find us at the junction of King Street and Osbourne Street next to the recording studios.
Stand with your arms bent at right angles and your elbows at your sides.
They paused at the top of the stairs, doubtful as to which way to go next.
  • at arm's length
  • at close quarters
  • at close range
  • at hand
  • at right angles
  • at the back (of ...)
  • at the base (of ...)
  • at the bottom (of ...)
  • at the centre (of ...)
  • at the corner (of ...)
  • at the edge (of ...)
  • at the end (of ...)
  • at the foot (of ...)
  • at the front (of ...)
  • at the head (of ...)
  • at the left (of ...)
  • at the margin (of ...)
  • at the rear (of ...)
  • at the right (of ...)
  • at the side (of ...)
  • at the top (of ...)
  • at an angle
  • at a distance
  • at a junction
  • at my elbow
  • at my heels
  • at my side
  • at ... altitude /at an altitude ...
  • at ... angle /at an angle ...
  • at ... depth /at a depth ...
  • at ... distance /at a distance ...
  • at ... height /at a height ...
  • at ... junction /at the junction ...
  • at ... range /at a range ...
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