Grammar Patterns

at N

The 'time' group

These nouns refer to times.
The survey, taken at the beginning of this month, showed that 55 per cent expect Labour to form the next government.
At Christmas the shops are decorated exquisitely.
They wrote her a formal letter, asking her to call at the sheriff's office at her convenience.
The players get up at dawn to train five times a week.
At that instant the museum was plunged into total darkness.
He went home for a sandwich at lunchtime.
A major war, he warned, could break out at any moment.
When you go out at night, close the curtains and leave a light on.
At the time of his death he was working on 'Hot Photography', a book about film and cameras in tropical climates.
He says he'll come back at the weekend.
  • at bedtime
  • at birth
  • at Christmas
  • at dawn
  • at daybreak
  • at dead of night
  • at dinnertime
  • at dusk
  • at Easter
  • at evensong
  • at first light
  • at half-term
  • at high tide
  • at intervals
  • at low tide
  • at lunchtime
  • at mealtime (usu plural)
  • at night
  • at night-time
  • at peak time
  • at playtime
  • at present
  • at rush hour
  • at suppertime
  • at teatime
  • at twilight
  • at weekends
  • at the crack of dawn
  • at the dead of night
  • at the outset
  • at the weekend
  • at the beginning of ...
  • at the conclusion of ...
  • at the end of ...
  • at the start of ...
  • at my convenience
  • at ... age /at the age ...
  • at ... date /at a date ...
  • at ... hour /at an hour ...
  • at ... instant /at the instant ...
  • at ... minute
  • at ... moment /at the moment ...
  • at ... point /at the point ...
  • at ... time /at a/the time ...
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