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Chapter 5 Link Verbs

Chapter 5 Link VerbsIn this book, we use the term link verb to refer to verbs like be, become, and seem which need to be followed by a Complement. Complements can be noun groups, adjective groups, adverb groups, prepositional phrases, or clauses. They describe the person or thing indicated by the Subject. Verbs of this kind have the label V-LINK in the Collins Cobuild English Dictionary.There are other verbs which are sometimes followed by Complements, but they are not generally considered to be link verbs because they have a complete meaning in themselves, for example they indicate an action such as moving or leaving. These verbs are dealt with in Chapter 1, Sections 2 and 6.When verbs such as be and stay are followed by prepositional phrases and adverbs indicating place, they are not considered to be link verbs (see Chapter 2, Section 1, meaning group 9).Some link verbs are used in various patterns with introductory it as Subject (see Chapter 9, Section 1).Link verb meaningsPrepositional link verbsLink verb patterns

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