Grammar Patterns

Colour words

The 'inky' group

These adjectives indicate what shade a colour is. See also section on 'Colour adjectives' below.
The cool blue scheme is carried through into their bathroom.
The lake was noticeably colder, its surface no longer grey but becoming an inky blue.
With its warm reds and pinks, this is an intimate and inviting place in which to sit on cold December days.
  • cool
  • dead
  • inky
  • neutral
  • pearly
  • rich
  • rose
  • rusty
  • smoky
  • warm
  • Note that neutral and pastel are also used in their plural form as nouns.
    If your wardrobe's full of neutrals, add something bright, even if it's only a silk scarf.
    Grant said pastels were the big fashion news, with pink being the big colour.

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