Grammar Patterns

Combining forms

The '-shaped' group

These combining forms combine with a range of other words:
    with adverbs: -built, -charged, -defined, -finished, -made, -nourished, -proportioned
    with adjectives: -calorie, -grained, -toned
    with nouns: -hugging, -soluble
    with adverbs and adjectives: -knit, -textured
    with adverbs and nouns: -shaped
    with nouns and adjectives: -grade
The adjectives formed indicate a range of physical qualities or properties.
He is tall and powerfully built and goes by the nickname Tex.
Electrons, being negatively charged, usually orbit as close as possible to the positively charged nucleus.
When your subject is lit by a hard light, he or she will cast a sharply-defined shadow on a nearby wall.
They made their reputation on intricate, beautifully finished tailoring.
The house was crescent-shaped, only one room deep with a large sunroom at the back.
The doors opened, and the assistant doorman stepped forward carrying a long, oddly-shaped parcel in white paper wrapping.
It is water soluble, so you can rinse it off or remove with a dampened sponge or cotton wool.
  • -built (graded)
  • -calorie (graded)
  • -charged
  • -defined (graded)
  • -finished (graded)
  • -fitting (graded)
  • -grade
  • -grained (graded)
  • -hugging
  • -knit
  • -made (graded)
  • -nourished (graded)
  • -proportioned (graded)
  • -shaped
  • -soluble
  • -textured (graded)
  • -toned (graded)
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