Grammar Patterns

Count nouns

Singular count nouns without a determiner

Although count nouns are normally used with a determiner when they are singular, there are some specific cases when a singular count noun is used without a determiner.
1 After nouns such as kind, sort, or type and the preposition of.
He has developed a control system that relies on three kinds of computer.
There isn't any money to undertake this type of project.
2 After nouns such as piece, bit, and fragment and the preposition of.
In 1908, thousands of square kilometres of Siberia around the Tunguska River were devastated by a fragment of comet just 50 metres across.
Finally decorate with a piece of peach and a biscuit.
The soldier held up the broken piece of strap to show him.
3 After noun groups indicating size or distance and the preposition of.
They had the end of the hall to negotiate, then sixty yards of corridor.
She had two feet of intestine removed.
4 After the noun change and the preposition of or in.
Then, as now, many Conservative MPs wanted a change of leader.
The change in mood was a consequence of several factors.
5 After the noun choice and the preposition of.
You may find your choice of tree restricted by the type of soil you have and by the climate.
He had been lucky in his choice of wife.
6 After nouns such as role and job and the preposition of or as.
That is because the job of manager never really appealed to Bonds.
Tom Ormerod, in his role as judge, provided informative tips as he talked members through each section.
There's an element in me which enjoys the role of victim.
7 When referring to a unique job.
She has been captain since 2006.
Why does he want to be president?
8 In pairs and lists.
According to Conservative thinking, a better balance between employer and employee would in this way be restored.
Jerusalem's architects could hardly ignore the rich heritage of the religious capital of the world - a holy city for Muslim, Jew and Christian alike.
Therapist and patient work together to modify inappropriate patterns of thought and behaviour.
9 Before someone's name, when saying what they are. This occurs in newspapers and broadcasting.
Author Peter Bart had an insider's view of the proceedings.
Mother-of-two Angela Johnson studied at Manchester College, Oxford.

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