Grammar Patterns

General it as Object

The 'play it cool' group

These verbs are concerned with behaviour.
Do you play it cool after the first date?
In the case of make, the word after it is always snappy. Make is usually used in the imperative. The adjective is an Object Complement.
Make it snappy! I've got a deadline.
In the case of take, the word after it is always easy.
I was looking forward to taking it easy after months of travelling in South-East Asia.
There is one phrasal verb with this pattern, lay on. The pattern is V it P adj/adv. The word after it is always thick or thickly.
Don't lay it on too thick, but make sure they are flattered enough to take up an invitation to meet their 'admirer'.
  • make
  • play
  • take
  • lay on
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