Grammar Patterns

General it as Subject

1 it V

The verb can be used on its own, without anything following it.
itVerb group
SubjectVerbAdjunct (optional)
It's raining. 
Itsnowedall afternoon.
All the verbs with this pattern are concerned with the weather.
Outside it was drizzling steadily and the city looked grey.
There is one phrasal verb with this pattern. The pattern is it V P.
It will brighten up in the next few days.
The to-infinitive form of these verbs is sometimes part of a complex verb group in phase with another verb such as begin or come on.
It began to snow.
It was coming on to rain when finally Mac's lorry hove in.
  • drizzle
  • freeze
  • hail
  • pour
  • rain
  • snow
  • be spitting
  • thunder
  • brighten up
  • The verb pour is sometimes followed by the prepositional phrase with rain. This pattern is it V with rain. Two other verbs have this pattern but do not have the pattern it V.
    If it hadn't been bucketing down with rain, I would have had a glorious view of Bantry Bay from my bedroom window.
    It was pouring with rain and rivers of brick-coloured water ran down the streets.
  • pelt
  • pour
  • bucket down
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