Grammar Patterns

in N

The 'front' group

These nouns are used to indicate position, either physical or metaphorical.
Some of the doubles pairs are upset at continually being in the background, especially at the major tournaments.
Somewhere in the distance a siren hooted.
It's that hostility which in part lies behind the current fighting in the east of the country.
She stopped in front of a cake shop.
Anyone who gets in my way will die.
  • in alignment*
  • in apposition
  • in brackets
  • in front (of ...)
  • in inverted commas
  • in midstream
  • in place*
  • in position*
  • in range*
  • in the background
  • in the bowels of ...
  • in the distance
  • in the east (of ...)
  • in the forefront (of ...)
  • in the foreground
  • in the front line
  • in the lead
  • in the middle (of ...)
  • in the midst of ...
  • in the north (of ...)
  • in the rear (of ...)
  • in the south (of ...)
  • in the vanguard (of ...)
  • in the vicinity (of ...)
  • in the way
  • in the west (of ...)
  • in the wings
  • in their midst*
  • in my presence
  • in my wake
  • in my way
  • in ... proximity (to ...)
  • The nouns marked with an asterisk (*) also have the pattern into N.
    He jumped them the second time and went into the lead on just three faults.
    Last week, a 60 ton crane lifted the units into position.

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