Grammar Patterns

Introductory it as Subject

4.2 it be V-ed to-inf

The passive verb is followed by a to-infinitive clause.
itVerb groupto-infinitive clause
Itwas hopedto use helicopters to evacuate refugees.
Itis proposedto allow cameras into courts.
Verbs with this pattern are concerned with a course of action being proposed, hoped for, recommended, or decided upon.
At an emergency meeting of teachers and parents, it was agreed to send all 300 pupils home until further notice.
She was actually too old for foster care, but because she was so upset emotionally, it was decided to place her with a foster family.
A spokesman said that it was intended to complete the evacuation of the remaining 1,700 citizens by January 10th.
  • be agreed
  • be decided
  • be hoped
  • be intended
  • be planned
  • be proposed
  • be recommended
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