Grammar Patterns

Introductory it as Subject

Verbs with other meanings

There are a few other verbs which have this pattern.
Reforms seldom come from the top down so it behoves us to put pressure on the decision makers.
It takes courage to face the unknown.
In the case of cost, mean, and take, the verb is always or often followed by an amount. This pattern is it V amount to-inf.
It costs a fortune to fly these people in from all over the country.
It means a lot to win the World Cup.
In the case of mean, a prepositional phrase beginning with to often occurs after the verb. This pattern is it V amount to n to-inf.
She'd begun composing as a child in Berlin, so it meant a lot to her to have her music performed here.
  • behove
  • cost
  • mean
  • take
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