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Introductory it as Subject

The 'emerge' group

These verbs indicate that something happens or becomes known, or that something is logically the case. With some verbs the word that is often omitted, as in It happened I was there at the time.
It never really clicked that I was homeless until I had been on the streets a couple of months.
It emerged that he had a violent criminal record, of which the welfare agencies had been unaware.
Doug was a good man when I knew him, but that had been a lot of years ago. And it figured that there was a solid case against him.
Since sound is actually the motion of molecules, it follows that the fastest speed with which the air molecules can get out of the way is the speed of sound.
It happened that we had a number of very competent women so it was not therefore difficult to pick a woman to do it.
There are five phrasal verbs with this meaning, listed below. Their pattern is it V P that.
How did it come about that a man so shrewd and wise as David should fall for such a blatantly obvious confidence trick?
What'll happen is, it'll come out that he didn't shoot himself, Jack shot him.
If it does turn out that the inspectors have found highly enriched uranium, this raises a number of questions.
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  • emerge
  • figure
  • follow
  • happen
  • transpire
  • come about
  • come out
  • get about
  • get around/round
  • leak out
  • turn out
  • The old-fashioned phrase come to pass also has this pattern.
    After the war, it came to pass that he did not resume his medical studies.

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