Grammar Patterns

Introductory it as Subject

Pattern group 6: it V adj clause

There are seven patterns in this group, each consisting of it, the verb, an adjective group, and a type of clause. Patterns 6.6 and 6.7 have a prepositional phrase as well.
    6.1 it V adj that
    It seems likely that she will leave soon.
    6.2 it V adj to-inf
    It is difficult to see in the dark.
    6.3 it V adj wh
    It became apparent how ill she was.
    6.4 it V adj when/if
    It is nice when people compliment you.
    6.5 it V adj -ing
    It is interesting seeing what happens here.
    6.6 it V adj of n to-inf
    It's nice of you to come.
    6.7 it V adj for n to-inf
    It is impossible for me to arrive any earlier.

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