Grammar Patterns

it v-link ADJ what/how

The 'terrible' group

These adjectives indicate that a thing or a situation is judged to be bad.
When one looks over many of Brisbane's parks it is appalling how much litter, bottles and food scraps are scattered over them and our streets.
I mean I don't stand up for them - I think it's disgusting what they've done or what their father has done.
What really staggered me was his treatment in America. It was really shocking what they did to him there!
It was terrible what was happening in the world.
  • absurd
  • appalling
  • awful
  • crazy
  • criminal
  • depressing
  • disgusting
  • dreadful
  • horrible
  • outrageous
  • pathetic
  • sad
  • shocking
  • stupid
  • terrible
  • tragic
  • unfortunate
  • wrong
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