Grammar Patterns

it v-link N to-inf

The 'folly' group

These nouns are used to indicate that an action or state is bad or wrong in some way.
It is bad manners to complain about food.
It would be folly to assume that this type of relationship is unique.
It is still heresy to question the party's basic claim to control every lever of political power.
It's rubbish to say he drinks a lot.
  • arrogance
  • bad etiquette
  • bad manners
  • bad practice
  • folly
  • heresy
  • lunacy
  • madness
  • nonsense
  • rubbish
  • treason
  • Arrogance, folly, madness, and nonsense are sometimes followed by a prepositional phrase beginning with for. This pattern is it v-link N for n to-inf.
    He thinks it's nonsense for the government to claim this as a return to democracy.

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