Grammar Patterns

N as n

The 'appointment' group

These nouns refer to the having, getting, or losing of a job or role.
In her career as a ballerina she has worked all over the world.
The Wests offered Miss Owens a job as their nanny and she accepted and moved in to Cromwell Street.
He says he wants to marry and is looking for a wife who will understand and support his new mission as a social worker.
His position as leader may not last much longer.
Rex Harrison was best known for his role as the pompous Henry Higgins in the musical My Fair Lady.
In the case of nouns that indicate something that someone does, such as resignation, or something that is done to someone, such as selection, the noun always follows a possessive such as his or her. This pattern is poss N as n.
The responsible course of action would be for you to announce your immediate resignation as national president.
  • appointment
  • apprenticeship
  • capacity
  • career
  • election
  • employment
  • instalment
  • job
  • mission
  • position
  • post
  • promotion
  • resignation
  • role
  • selection
  • suspension
  • title
  • work
  • In the case of those nouns that have the pattern poss N as n, the possessive may occur as a prepositional phrase beginning with of that comes after the noun and before the preposition as. This pattern is N of n as n.
    No one in Los Angeles city government has confirmed the selection of the next chief of police.
    There are also two nouns which refer to someone who had or has a job or role. They have the pattern poss N as n.
    Joe Smith, my predecessor as chairman, had just had some minor surgery.
  • predecessor
  • successor
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