Grammar Patterns

N between pl-n

The 'interaction' group

These nouns refer to interaction between people or things. Reaction refers to a chemical process, and attraction and repulsion refer to physical processes.
We found that positive interaction between the teacher and the pupil is more likely to occur if it is rewarding to both parties.
A further reaction between the oxygen and the iodine generates the light.
Trade between the Romans and Indian pepper growers began in the 1st century.
  • attraction
  • commerce
  • dialectic
  • interaction
  • interchange
  • interplay
  • reaction
  • repulsion
  • synergy
  • trade
  • transaction
  • There is also one noun, interface, which refers to the area where interaction takes place.
    In particular, it will look at the interface between the pilot and the machines that fly the plane for much of the time.

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