Grammar Patterns

n N

These nouns refer to physical objects.
The man threw a dollar bill on the counter.
The zip fastening should be long enough to enable the deep cushion pad to be easily inserted.
Make sure you check your first aid kit regularly to ensure it is in good condition.
Working from the studio in her farmhouse, Kitty has now begun making cups, which are hand-painted with a simple flower motif.
He was carrying a tennis racket in one hand and holding a cup in the other.
He took out some coins, a box of matches and a bus ticket, which caught his attention.
I have managed to raise three peach trees from seed. When should I plant them in the open and what type of soil do they need?
It is used for many consumer products including toys, cameras, kitchen ware and telephones.
  • accord (peace)
  • aid (food)
  • attire
  • award (bravery)
  • bill (dollar)
  • bite (mosquito)
  • blossom
  • board (draughts)
  • card (identity)
  • card (birthday)
  • certificate
  • column (gardening)
  • concerto (piano)
  • costume
  • cub (lion)
  • drive (disk)
  • duct (air)
  • emblem
  • family (cabbage)
  • fastening
  • framework
  • gland
  • graft (skin)
  • honours list (New Year)
  • index
  • kingdom (animal)
  • kit
  • line (washing)
  • line (commuter)
  • link (rail)
  • liner
  • material (building)
  • matter (reading)
  • mitt
  • mix (cake)
  • motif (rose)
  • needle
  • netting
  • network (computer)
  • notice (redundancy)
  • pact (trade)
  • piece (10p)
  • probe (space)
  • programme
  • pup (seal)
  • rack (luggage)
  • racket (tennis)
  • range (mountain)
  • requisites (garden)
  • residue (chemical)
  • rest (arm)
  • ring (gas)
  • section (bow)
  • service (dinner)
  • set (chess)
  • set (television)
  • shaft (lift)
  • sheet (information)
  • sheeting (plastic)
  • show (game)
  • siren (police)
  • spawn (frog)
  • stitch (cross)
  • stone (kidney)
  • suit
  • symbol
  • system (computer)
  • system (heating)
  • system (rail)
  • tanker (oil)
  • tanker (petrol)
  • ticket
  • token
  • tree
  • trilogy
  • turret (gun)
  • voucher
  • ware (kitchen)
  • wave (pressure)
  • wave (sound)
  • world (plant)
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