Grammar Patterns

n N

These nouns refer to abstract things.
There is no reason why love shouldn't cross the age barrier.
A professional gambler accused of stealing £350,000 from his lover took the money as part of an elaborate tax dodge, a court heard yesterday.
Pelling's only career hiccup occurred in 1979-80 when hard work on his Toowoomba property built too much muscle and made him too heavy.
I have heard plenty of public comment that the man is not leadership material.
Home ownership continued to edge up in spite of the problems caused by high mortgage rates.
The album went on to sell over 3 million copies worldwide, which in music business parlance, means it went triple-platinum.
An unattended attache case caused a bomb scare at a hotel where officials of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations were meeting.
Bit, lark, line, and thing are usually used in noun groups beginning with a determiner such as the or this.
I've always been at home and done the mother bit and looked after the children.
He is coming along really well actually I mean he's doing ever so well with this fireman lark.
  • acumen
  • affairs (consumer)
  • argot (street)
  • barrier (age)
  • biology (plant)
  • bit (charity/mother)
  • booster (morale)
  • circuit (lecture/tennis)
  • connection (rail)
  • curriculum (school)
  • curve (growth)
  • degree (engineering)
  • dodge (tax)
  • dynamics (group)
  • edition (paperback)
  • ethic
  • facility
  • flavour (orange)
  • forum (discussion)
  • franchise
  • generator (cash)
  • heat (body)
  • hiccup
  • hint (household)
  • indicator (performance)
  • interests (business)
  • interface
  • job
  • jungle (political)
  • ladder (career)
  • language (computer)
  • lark
  • law
  • legacy
  • level (eye)
  • line (supply)
  • life (sex)
  • life (college)
  • machine (publicity)
  • market (job)
  • material (leadership)
  • mechanism (survival)
  • medley (200m)
  • mode (survival)
  • ownership
  • parlance (boxing)
  • physiology (animal)
  • process (peace)
  • prospects (job)
  • purposes (tax)
  • racket (drugs)
  • regime (Franco)
  • regime (fitness)
  • risk (health)
  • risk (credit)
  • rush (Christmas)
  • -saver
  • scale (Richter)
  • scale (pay)
  • scare
  • scene (music)
  • scheme (pension)
  • sense (dress)
  • service (bus)
  • -speak (solicitor)
  • spirit (team)
  • stakes (popularity)
  • structure (career)
  • studies (media)
  • tag ('slum')
  • thing
  • time (British Summer)
  • time (six-eight)
  • tool (research)
  • traffic
  • trail (campaign)
  • trait (personality)
  • underworld
  • vacuum (power)
  • waiver (damage)
  • war (trade)
  • warp (time)
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