Grammar Patterns

n N

The first noun refers to the subject area with which the person indicated by the second noun is concerned. For example, a human rights campaigner is concerned with human rights.
Mr Clark and five former business associates face a total of 100 charges in connection with the affair.
During his visit to the United Nations in Geneva, human rights campaigner S. Maharasingham staged a symbolic fast in defence of the lives and rights of Tamil refugees.
It was time for Wally to hand the microphone over to a talk show host named Sandi Cousins.
Mr Abiola was a shipping magnate, publisher, and former vice-president of the International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation.
Hector is an economics major who is an editor of a student economics journal.
  • adviser (policy)
  • associate (business)
  • baron (press)
  • campaigner (human rights)
  • crusader
  • fetishist
  • graduate (law)
  • guru (fashion)
  • host (talk-show)
  • icon (fashion)
  • idol (screen)
  • kingpin (crime)
  • magnate (shipping)
  • major (economics)
  • mogul (movie)
  • supremo (arts)
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