Grammar Patterns

N of n

The 'announcement' group

The noun refers to communication, thought, or knowledge. The noun group after of indicates the subject of the communication, thought, or knowledge.
On the calendar he kept a brief account of the main events of every day.
An announcement of jobs growth indicated the economy is growing at an inflationary pace.
Two people have been arrested on charges of murder.
She voiced strong criticism of a secret trial of suspected coup plotters.
He is currently working on a life of Bertrand Russell.
In every democratic monarchy, the monarch swears an oath of allegiance to the constitution.
I have an extremely low opinion of the British tabloid newspapers.
He has reflected on his new philosophy of life, which amounts to not making a big deal of anything.
A psychological profile of the Blakelaw attacker was compiled.
She accepted the pay review body's recommendation of a bigger increase in starting salaries to attract more graduates.
The story of her bitter relationship with Gauguin is intertwined with his steady growth as an artist.
We have adjourned our investigations until we receive a transcript of the evidence taken in Sydney by AJC stewards.
With some of these nouns, the preposition of is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
I am not worried about accusations of being 'soft'.
With some of these nouns, the preposition of is often followed by a noun group and an '-ing' clause. This pattern is N of n -ing.
The shares closed at 52p with rumours of a mystery buyer snapping them up.
With some of these nouns, the preposition of is sometimes followed by a wh-clause.
The coalition has not produced details of how its election pledges will be funded.
He is one among a number of people to have died in police custody without even an explanation of what happened.
In the case of comparison, the preposition of is usually followed by a plural noun group. This pattern is N of pl-n.
He argues that comparison of prices before and after privatisation is difficult.
  • account
  • accusation
  • admission
  • allegations
  • announcement
  • appreciation
  • assumption
  • assurance
  • autobiography
  • awareness
  • biography
  • charge
  • code
  • command
  • comparison
  • conception
  • condemnation
  • confession
  • contradiction
  • criticism
  • critique
  • declaration
  • defence
  • definition
  • denial
  • description
  • detail
  • dictionary
  • directory
  • discussion
  • draft
  • endorsement
  • estimate
  • explanation
  • expression
  • grasp
  • guarantee
  • history
  • idea
  • ignorance
  • image
  • impression
  • knowledge
  • life
  • memory
  • mention
  • minutes
  • model
  • oath
  • opinion
  • outline
  • perception
  • philosophy
  • picture
  • plan
  • portrayal
  • profile
  • reading
  • recommendation
  • reports
  • rumour
  • sense
  • signing
  • sketch
  • story
  • summary
  • survey
  • suspicion
  • tale
  • text
  • theory
  • transcript
  • understanding
  • values
  • verdict
  • version
  • view
  • vision
  • vow
  • withdrawal
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