Grammar Patterns

N of n

The 'construction' group

The noun refers to an action or process, and the noun group after of indicates the thing that has something done to it.
The Economist once published a lengthy and worthwhile series on constitutional matters including the abolition of the monarchy.
Their expansion plans could include the acquisition of a building society or credit union.
Approval of the amendments must be by unanimous vote.
He told Reuters news agency that he stood by his appeal for a boycott of next month's elections for an interim national assembly.
Welcome to Oasis 28, our 28th annual celebration of science fiction and fantasy.
Ewart was invited to take part in the construction of a tunnel, which was completed in the autumn of 1942.
The route of the parade was jammed with demonstrators young and old united by their defiance of of the attackers.
'We have to emphasise as much as possible that the denial of education, the denial of basic health care, the denial of basic choices to girls is a human-rights issue,' she said yesterday,
Hutton was directly involved with the design of several stations for the Underground.
The newspaper has continued to publish normally despite the dismissal of its director.
A peace agreement will have no chance unless it is absolutely clear-cut, with maps laying out a division of territory.
An upset stomach or sunburn often interrupts the enjoyment of days spent relaxing on the beach or sightseeing.
Fear may increase the subjective experience of pain, but extreme fear can block out pain altogether.
There are demands for an extension of the legal status of unions in order to allow them to reverse some of their decline.
A public meeting of golf enthusiasts was held at the Brisbane City Hall to discuss the formation of a municipal golf club.
A Waterloo sunset is a fair glimpse of paradise.
A high intake of fat - especially animal fat - is strongly linked with heart disease.
This incident coincides with the launch of a new nationwide smoke alarm campaign which urges people to regularly check that their smoke alarms are working.
They claim around 100 jobs will be created in mining and in the local manufacture of gold jewellery.
Immediate payment of the balance is required in order to avoid disconnection of supply.
We put months and months into the preparation of the decorations for both the wedding and the reception.
For most people, the purchase of a new piece of software is a simple matter.
She hoped to see Brecht and to attend the last weeks of rehearsal of her play.
Iran reopened its embassy in London following the renewal of diplomatic relations.
The yen has made a recovery, continuing the reversal of recent losses.
Clear segregation of duties is a fundamental principle of internal control in all businesses.
Britain's criminals have turned to the theft of tiny computer memory chips to make money.
Unnecessary use of sprinklers is a shocking waste of water.
The preposition of is often followed by a wh-clause.
Could there be a clearer illustration of why the public does not trust politicians than the Government's handling of BSE?
In the case of exchange, reconciliation and separation, the preposition of is often followed by a plural noun group. This pattern is N of pl-n.
There is feasting and an exchange of gifts and dancing round a fire.
  • abolition
  • absorption
  • abuse
  • acceptance
  • accumulation
  • achievement
  • acquisition
  • addition
  • allocation
  • alteration
  • analysis
  • application
  • appointment
  • appraisal
  • approval
  • assumption
  • betrayal
  • bite
  • blockade
  • boycott
  • breakdown
  • building
  • calculation
  • capture
  • care
  • celebration
  • change
  • closure
  • conclusion
  • conduct
  • conquest
  • conservation
  • construction
  • consumption
  • conversion
  • defiance
  • delivery
  • demonstration
  • denial
  • deployment
  • design
  • development
  • discovery
  • dismissal
  • display
  • disposal
  • distribution
  • diversion
  • division
  • election
  • encouragement
  • enforcement
  • enjoyment
  • erection
  • erosion
  • establishment
  • exchange
  • exclusion
  • exercise (of power)
  • exhibition
  • expenditure (of effort)
  • experience
  • exploitation
  • exposure
  • expulsion
  • extension
  • extraction
  • flick
  • formation
  • glimpse
  • handling
  • hire
  • holding (of talks)
  • identification
  • illustration
  • imitation
  • importation
  • inclusion
  • injection (of money)
  • intake
  • interpretation (of a role)
  • invasion
  • invention
  • investment
  • launch
  • limitation
  • loan
  • loss
  • maintenance
  • manufacture
  • measurement
  • nomination
  • oppression
  • organization
  • passage
  • payment
  • perfection
  • performance
  • placement
  • practice (of medicine)
  • preparation
  • presentation
  • production
  • prosecution
  • provision
  • publication
  • purchase
  • pursuit
  • reading
  • recall
  • recognition
  • reconciliation
  • reconstruction
  • recovery (of consciousness)
  • registration
  • regulation
  • rehearsal
  • reinforcement
  • relaxation (of a rule)
  • release
  • removal
  • renewal
  • replacement
  • reshuffle
  • resolution
  • return
  • revelation
  • reversal
  • review
  • revision
  • running
  • sale
  • segregation
  • seizure
  • separation
  • setting up
  • settlement
  • shedding (of blood)
  • show affection
  • sight
  • signing (of a player)
  • snap (of your fingers)
  • study
  • submission
  • substitution
  • supervision
  • surrender (of weapons)
  • takeover
  • taste (of freedom)
  • theft
  • timing
  • tolerance
  • tour
  • transfer
  • transmission
  • treatment
  • use
  • waste
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