Grammar Patterns

N of n

The 'rise' and 'fall' group

The noun refers to the occurrence, beginning, development, or ending of something or someone. We include here nouns referring to success and failure, and nouns such as fortunes and history which refer to events that happen to someone or something. The noun group after of indicates the person or thing involved.
Diplomats were inclined to treat the election as free and fair, in the absence of evidence to the contrary.
He was happily married to a girl he had known since his schooldays and their cheerful domesticity was confirmed by the arrival of a daughter, Emma.
She had watched the blossoming of love between her young sister and this man fifteen years her senior.
The collapse of apartheid and the release from jail of Nelson Mandela once seemed about as probable as the fall of the Berlin wall.
These arrests were the logical conclusion of four years of investigations.
Ministers welcomed the dawn of a more harmonious age in relations between parents and education authorities.
A fresh inquiry may be held into the disappearance of a woman whose husband was cleared of her murder.
The decline in price fueled the rapid evolution of computing from mainframes to minicomputers.
They came to the conclusion that their interests and the fortunes of the Labour Party were the same.
He said the treatment might delay the onset of full-blown Aids if started early.
It's here again - Brisbane's annual communal ritual that marks the passing of winter and the beginning of new life with the spring.
A high wall has been built around part of the embassy quarter, in an attempt to prevent a repetition of the events in July.
The rise of nationalism is also contributing to the economic breakdown.
  • absence
  • advent
  • appearance
  • approach
  • arrival
  • beginnings
  • beginning
  • birth
  • blossoming
  • breakdown
  • change
  • close
  • collapse
  • conclusion
  • continuation
  • dawn
  • dawning
  • death
  • decline
  • decrease
  • demise
  • departure
  • destiny
  • development
  • disappearance
  • downfall
  • duration
  • emergence
  • end
  • evolution
  • existence
  • expansion
  • failure
  • fall
  • finish
  • flowering
  • fortunes
  • growth
  • history
  • life
  • march
  • occurrence
  • onset
  • opening (of play)
  • origin
  • passage (of time)
  • passing
  • presence
  • progress
  • repeat
  • repetition
  • resignation
  • return
  • revival
  • rise
  • success
  • turnover
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