Grammar Patterns

N to n

The 'journey' group

These nouns refer to journeys or movement.
Once again I must apologise for the disruption to your journey to work this morning.
On his return to England he wrote a book about his experiences.
His prizes include travel to Europe and the chance to study overseas.
His foreign minister has just concluded a three-day visit to China.
  • climb
  • cruise
  • dash
  • drive
  • emigration
  • escape
  • excursion
  • expedition
  • flight
  • foray
  • holiday
  • immigration
  • journey
  • lift
  • migration
  • mission
  • move
  • outing
  • pilgrimage
  • return
  • ride
  • safe passage
  • tour
  • travel
  • trek
  • trip
  • visit
  • walk
  • There is also one noun, visitor, which refers to a person who goes somewhere.
    The total number of visitors to Hong Kong in 1988 rose 24 per cent from 1987, to almost 5.6 million.

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