Grammar Patterns

Nouns used in names

The 'Organization' group

These nouns are used in the names of organizations and institutions. All of them except Friends have Pattern 1. The following nouns also have Pattern 2: Association, College, Confederation, Corporation, Council, Federation, Guild, Institute, League, Legion, Office, Orchestra, Organization, Society, and Union. Friends has only Pattern 2.
The National Association of Head Teachers warned that schools are increasingly having to call the police to deal with violent threats posted online.
His clients have included National Westminster Bank and the Corporation of London.
The Royal College of Physicians has published a report on how decisions on rationing health care should be made.
The Strategic Air Command has kept one plane in the air at all times for the last twenty nine years.
The Glass and Glazing Federation has produced a simple guide that includes tips in heating and safety.
She made a donation to Friends of the Earth for me.
The group has circulated material to the Writers' Guild, scriptwriters and producers at the BBC, and production companies.
The Foreign Office has issued new advice that Britons in the region should leave unless they have a pressing reason to stay.
The World Health Organization has classified ME as an organic (i.e. physical) disorder of the brain.
In 1990 the Florence Trust, which provides studio space for artists, moved in.
  • Academy
  • Airline
  • Airways
  • Association
  • Authority
  • Bank
  • Bureau
  • Club
  • College
  • Command
  • Company
  • Confederation
  • Corporation
  • Corps
  • Council
  • County Council
  • Federation
  • Friends
  • Front
  • Guards
  • Guild
  • Institute
  • Institution
  • League
  • Legion
  • Office
  • Orchestra
  • Organization
  • Philharmonic
  • Service
  • Society
  • Students' Union
  • Symphony Orchestra
  • Town Council
  • Trust
  • Union
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