Grammar Patterns

out of N

The 'curiosity' group

These nouns refer to people's motives for doing something. This is a productive use: other nouns referring to feelings are occasionally used with this pattern.
Some people come to us out of curiosity, but most want to gain some clarity and purpose to their lives.
People who live in the area always know what's going on but they often say nothing out of fear.
She explained that students should help each other learn, not out of a sense of duty, but because they know each other as people.
  • out of affection
  • out of altruism
  • out of anger
  • out of benevolence
  • out of boredom
  • out of charity
  • out of choice
  • out of compassion
  • out of concern for ...
  • out of consideration for ...
  • out of conviction
  • out of courtesy
  • out of curiosity
  • out of deference
  • out of desperation
  • out of duty
  • out of embarrassment
  • out of fear (of .../that ...)
  • out of frustration
  • out of greed
  • out of guilt
  • out of ignorance
  • out of interest
  • out of jealousy
  • out of kindness
  • out of love
  • out of loyalty
  • out of malice
  • out of necessity
  • out of pique
  • out of pity
  • out of pride
  • out of respect
  • out of self-interest
  • out of shame
  • out of spite
  • out of sympathy
  • out of a desire to .../for ...
  • out of a fear of .../that ...
  • out of a need to .../for ...
  • out of a sense of ...
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