Grammar Patterns

out of N

The 'balance' group

These nouns are used to indicate that something or someone is in a particular state, especially a state in which something is not right. Phase and sync are reciprocal nouns.
Huge sections of the rail network are out of action and travel by road is extremely hazardous.
This relationship is out of balance.
I was going out of my mind with worry.
He proposed a game after tea, and I was very glad that I had said I was out of practice, because he beat me twice running with humiliating ease.
Habit is typically used with get.
Try to get out of the habit of adding salt to food at the table.
  • out of action
  • out of adjustment
  • out of balance
  • out of breath
  • out of commission
  • out of condition
  • out of focus
  • out of form
  • out of joint
  • out of keeping
  • out of kilter
  • out of operation
  • out of order
  • out of perspective
  • out of phase (with ...)
  • out of practice
  • out of proportion
  • out of scale
  • out of shape
  • out of sync (with ...)
  • out of whack
  • out of the habit (of ...)
  • out of the picture
  • out of my head
  • out of my mind
  • out of my wits
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