Grammar Patterns

Pattern combinations

Pattern combination 1: pl-n V; V with n

These verbs have two patterns:
    pl-n V: The verb is used with a plural Subject.
    V with n: The verb is used with a Subject referring to one participant and followed by a prepositional phrase indicating the other. In most cases, the prepositional phrase consists of with and a noun group; in a few cases, the preposition is from, to, against, or into.
pl-n V
plural noun groupVerb group
SubjectVerbAdjunct (optional)
Those valuesdon't conflict. 
Theywere gossipingintently.
V with n
 Verb groupwithnoun group
SubjectVerbprepositional Object
Their viewsconflictedwiththose of the President.
pl-n V P
plural noun groupVerb groupParticle
SubjectVerbAdjunct (optional)
Theyfelloutover tax reform.
The boys and Fredgetonvery well.
V P with n
 Verb groupParticlewithnoun group
SubjectVerbprepositional Object
Hefelloutwithhis bosses.
Verbs with this combination of patterns belong to the following meaning groups:
The 'talk' groupThe 'fight' groupThe 'fraternize' groupThe 'team up' and 'break up' groupThe 'get on' groupThe 'collaborate' groupThe 'tally' and 'clash' groupThe 'differ' groupThe 'intersect' groupThe 'interact' groupVerbs with other meaningsStructure information: Pattern combination 1

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