Grammar Patterns

the N

The 'floor' group

These nouns refer to an area or part of a place or building, usually a particular type of place or building, for example a sports ground or a theatre.
When Mum says no, he lies on the floor and screams and kicks his feet.
The police drew alongside the vehicle, then travelling at 55mph, whereupon it pulled over on to the hard shoulder and stopped.
Both were caught in the outfield and they have come at a cost of 288 runs.
The plane came down on the runway, but slewed through a hedge into a cornfield.
In the evening, I went for a walk along the seafront.
She had sat in the stalls, engrossed, realizing again what a very fine actor he was.
  • apron
  • area
  • backbenches
  • barnyard
  • bleachers
  • box
  • ceiling
  • circle
  • crease
  • downstairs
  • esplanade
  • fairway
  • first floor
  • floor
  • gallery
  • gangway
  • grass
  • ground floor
  • gutter
  • hard shoulder
  • jetty
  • landing
  • main drag
  • outfield
  • outskirts
  • penalty box
  • pitch
  • pithead
  • platform
  • press box
  • press gallery
  • prom
  • promenade
  • quad
  • riverfront
  • riverside
  • roadside
  • roadway
  • runway
  • schoolyard
  • seaboard
  • seafront
  • seashore
  • seaside
  • shallows
  • stage
  • stalls
  • stand
  • tarmac
  • terraces
  • touchline
  • upstairs
  • wayside
  • wings
  • witness box
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