Grammar Patterns

to N

The 'left' group

These nouns are used to indicate the position of something. We include here to the fore, which indicates a metaphorical position.
She took her children on picket lines against racist bosses, and they were raised in a house where 'the woman question' was always to the fore.
To the left was a three-car garage.
To the north of St-Remy are the Roman towns of Orange and Vaison-la-Romaine.
Now we had Serbia to port and Romania to starboard.
The matron had an office on the ground floor, to the rear of the house.
The pair of men to my right were bankers, I think.
  • to port
  • to starboard
  • to windward
  • to the east (of ...)
  • to the fore
  • to the left (of ...)
  • to the north (of ...)
  • to the rear (of ...)
  • to the right (of ...)
  • to the side (of ...)
  • to the south (of ...)
  • to the west (of ...)
  • to my left
  • to my right
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