Grammar Patterns

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The 'specification' group

These nouns refer to the way that someone wants something done or made.
I followed the instructions to the letter.
Although each gown is designed and made to order, there is a rail of sample creations to spark the imagination.
When you've had a job done, don't pay the final bill in full until the work has been completed to your satisfaction.
The authority last week admitted it had discovered on November 3 last year that some maintenance was not being done to specification.
Do we want more people educated to a moderate standard, or just a few educated to a high standard?
  • to order
  • to perfection
  • to scale
  • to specification
  • to taste
  • to the letter
  • to my liking
  • to my satisfaction
  • to my specifications
  • to my taste
  • to a ... standard
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